• Germany Tattoo Artist Chaim Machlev

    Germany Tattoo Artist Chaim Machlev

    Chaim Machlev is one of my favorite tattoo artists, his tattoo style give me more inspiration, I think his work is not only just work […]

  • Tattoo Artist Peter Walrus

    Tattoo Artist Peter Walrus

    Tattoos by artist Peter Walrus (Website).

  • Tattoo Art Photographs – Part I

    Tattoo Art Photographs – Part I

    Tattoo art photographs from Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2012, How about? Thanks to New York-based photographer Eddie McShane.

  • Tattoo Artist Andrey Svetov

    Tattoo Artist Andrey Svetov

    Andrey Svetov, Tattoo Artist, Studio Master & Tattoo Russia, Kaliningrad. I love his black style, simple and cool much! Visit his facebook page.

  • Tattoo by Wallace Stevens

    Tattoo by Wallace Stevens

    The light is like a spider. It crawls over the water. It crawls over the edges of the snow. It crawls under your eyelids And […]

  • Russian Criminal Tattoos

    Russian Criminal Tattoos

    The dagger through the neck shows that the prisoner committed murder while in prison, and that he is available to ‘hire’ for further murders.

  • Tattoo Artist Peter Aurisch

    Tattoo Artist Peter Aurisch

    The latest from Peter Aurisch. You know, that guy on the other side of the world who does the most amazing work and who most […]

  • Tattoo Artist Kat Von D

    Tattoo Artist Kat Von D

    Kat Von D is trademark and full name is Katherine von Drachenberg, born March 8, 1982, is a Mexican-American tattoo artist, model and television personality. […]

  • Japanese Tattoo Art Pictures

    Japanese Tattoo Art Pictures

    Tattoos often represent a culture of local, we will be able to find some related information in these Japanese tattoo art pictures. In contrast, I […]